Pi’s Super Simple Pizza Dough Recipe


When you walk into a man’s home kitchen and he pulls a 25kg bag of Italian flour out of the cupboard, you know he means business about pizza. For anyone who has visited Pi, Reggie White’s restaurant which has Dubliners queuing down South Great George’s Street, it won’t come as a surprise that he blind-tasted 12 brands of tomatoes, six flours, eight mozzarellas and six chorizos before opening: Reggie is all about quality.


And while his restaurant is still relatively new to the now-teeming Dublin food scene, this attention to detail has not gone unnoticed. Pi was recently crowned the best pizza in Ireland, as the pizza joint landed in 7th place in travel website Big 7 Travel’s top 50 best pizzas in Europe.

Reggie is keen to point out that good pizza isn’t complicated. “There’s very little prep time for pizza dough. You can eat the next day, and it tastes so much better than buying a frozen ready-made.” You don’t even a pizza oven either, your conventional oven will give you all the flavours – although you won’t achieve that mouth-watering charred look around the crust and a bubbling cheese.

Pi’s pizza dough

Using a little yeast and allowing the dough to ferment overnight creates a light pizza base that won’t leave you feeling sluggish afterwards. Makes 4 pizzas.

• 540g 00 flour (found in specialist food shops and Supervalu)
• 325g water at room temperature
• 15g salt
• 2g dried yeast (or 4g fresh)


1 Mix the flour and 300g water together without yeast or salt. Do this until just mixed together. Do not knead. 2 Mix yeast with 25g water. Allow the yeast to dissolve and bloom for 10 minutes. 3 Add the bloomed yeast to the flour and water mix and knead for 2 minutes. 4 Add the salt and knead for a further 4 minutes. 5 Allow the dough to relax for 30 minutes. 6 Divide the dough into 4 equal portions of 220g and roll into 4 tight dough balls. 7 Set the dough balls into a high-sided dish. Wrap with cling film and refrigerate overnight until ready to bake. 8 When ready to bake, turn your oven as high as it will go, preferably not on a fan setting, as this forms a skin on the dough. Reggie strongly recommends investing in a pizza stone for home-baking. If using one, pre-heat it in the oven first. 9 Stretch out your dough to a rough circle, and add your favourite toppings. 10 They should bake in 4-5 minutes.


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