Three Alternative Christmas Wreaths

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By now, your Christmas tree is up, the decorations have been emptied from their boxes and are slowly slinking their way to their seasonal home. Last on most people's list is the wreath as it can be time-consuming (and messy) to forage for and make.

However, not caving or settling for an artificial wreath has many benefits A beautiful, homemade wreath of local foliage is a lovely way to welcome guests into your home, not to mention the festive fragrances it releases upon every passing.

They're your own creation too, so don't get bogged down in everything being perfect and balanced. Here are three different ways to make yours from some of our favourite florists.

Claire & Patsie from The Informal Florist

Claire and Patsie of The Informal Florist in Stoneybatter create a vine-based wreath with a natural, asymmetric twist and plenty of movement.

Bronagh from Ginkgo Florists

For a floral take on the evergreen wreath, check out Bronagh's design from Ginkgo Florists. Incorporating moss, thistles, hydrangea that will dry beautifully, and some succulents for added texture.

Mark from The Garden

Based in the entrance of Powerscourt Townhouse, Mark from The Garden's wreath is a loose and wild interpretation of the traditional door decor.

Happy wreath-making!

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